Rain Gutters

Gutter Protection for Rain Gutters

Tired of worrying about your clogged rain gutters? Water damage can cause major problems if not detected early. Thousands of dollars can be spent on the aftermath of a clog, resulting in undue stress. Before your rain gutters become a problem, shouldn't you be thinking about gutter protection? Well, your search for a gutter protection is over!

Free Replacement Gutters, Purchase Gutter Shut!

Say goodbye to rain gutter repair forever! Gutter Shut™ is the only non-intrusive, Lifetime gutter cover on the market. Gutter Shut™ installation does not involve lifting, installing under the roof shingles, or any screwing into the home at all. Gutter Gurus is the only company that provides Gutter Shut™ in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware and personally handles all installation, sales and service, with a reputation that is second to none!

Gutter Shut, Gutter ProtectionFeatures

  • Prevents leaves and debris from clogging your gutters.
  • Snap-fits inside your gutter under tension. (Does not penetrate the roof which can cause costly damage and void your warranty).
  • Made from high grade durable UV inhibited PVC (Prevents snow, ice damming and icicles because it's petroleum based, unlike aluminum products).
  • Back flange (Prevents water from going behind the gutter without penetrating the shingles or fascia). 

Gutter Edge™

Do your gutters have unsightly stains, stripes, and residue? Usually, within a few short months and sometimes even weeks, new gutters start to form lackluster stains and stripes on your gutters known as "tiger stripes." There are many factors that contribute to gutter staining. These include but are not limited to petroleum-based run-off from roof shingles, pollution, tannic acid from leaves, acid rain, pollen, and other general debris and dirt. Before you risk your safety to clean the exterior of your rain gutters, call Gutter Gurus to learn more about Gutter Edge™ and all of its benefits. One of our friendly Home Improvement Specialists will gladly assist you in making the best decision for you and your property. Call us today we are ready to help get you protected! 

Benefits of Gutter Edge™

  • Assembled in 5 ft. long sections, making installation a cinch.
  • Compatible with virtually all gutter types and gutter protection.
  • Produced from advanced UV-protected, exterior vinyl- no cracking, fading, or yellowing!
  • Practically maintenance-free.
  • Reduces dangerous icicle formation during the cold winter months. 

Snow Guards

Prevent hazardous snow and ice from avalanching off your roof by installing snow guards on your residential or commercial property.

Why Choose Snow Guards?  

  • Evenly distributes the weight of snow and ice (on any roof with a slope).
  • Prevents snow and ice from overflowing gutters. 
  • Easily installed on new and existing roofs.
  • Protects individuals, pets, landscaping, building structures, automobiles, etc. from bodily injury and damage.
  • We offer a large selection of snow guards for almost any type of roof.

Don't let the winter weather get the best of you and your property. Give yourself the peace of mind of protection with snow guards installed by Gutter Gurus. Our experienced installation crews are standing by ready to assist you and all your snow guard needs.

Call Gutter Gurus for professional snow guard installation!

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Rain Chain Downspouts

What are rain chain downspouts? Rain chain downspouts are a series of cups or chains, that visibly guide rain water from the roofs gutter to the ground. After the water is funneled down a series of cups or links it reaches the bottom where it drains into some type of water basin, whether it be a rain barrel or a small rock garden. Rain chains are a functional and stylish alternative to traditional rain gutters that many home and business owners are now discovering for the first time. If you are interested in having rain chain downspouts installed on your property don't hesitate to call Roof Gurus today. We have certified Home Improvement Consultants in your area ready to assist you!

Benefits of Rain Chain Downspouts

  • Visually appealing with the same functionality of standard downspouts.
  • Copper rain chains are more durable than traditional plastic or aluminum downspouts.
  • Copper rain chain downspouts are 100 % recyclable. 
  • Rain chains create a visually appealing, melodious water feature that collect and reuse rain water. 

Contact Gutter Gurus for your attractive new rain chain downspouts.

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