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About Gutter Gurus

Typing in gutters, siding, windows or doors can help find a local contractor, but how can you tell for sure they will have the skill and expertise necessary to create a quality exterior improvement for your home? Gutter Gurus, Inc. of Pennsylvania and New Jersey is the answer to all your contractor needs. 

"Protect your most important investment - your home."

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Gutter Gurus, Inc. is owned by Nicholas Bonifante and Joseph Potok. Family owned and operated, Gutter Gurus offers personalized service, labor and product guarantees, and superior customer satisfaction. Gutter Gurus specializes in all aspects of exterior improvements including seamless gutters, gutter protection, siding, windows, doors, shutters, capping and soffits. They will even take on the small contractor projects such as mailbox post repairs, caulking jobs, installing antique weathervanes and even putting up and storing holiday lights.

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The dedicated members of Gutter Gurus pride themselves on really getting to know their customers, what needs to be done at their home or office, and what doesn't need to be done to eliminate wasteful spending. Their service is very personalized. Nick - Joe - Vince - Mike - you will know who is showing up on your doorstep, what the price will be beforehand, and exactly how the final results will show quality craftsmanship.

"We get a lot of leads through email or text messaging," says owner Nick. "We'll then set up an appointment for Vince or Joe to go out to the customers home or business and give the estimate." They present the customer with an exact estimate that's good for 30 days and it's our guarantee to have the work done in a timely manner. This is a  fact that's worth repeating! "We give exact estimates." They're Free, exact estimates, not just estimates. When we give you a price, that's the price it's going to be. It's not going to change when we are halfway done the job.
"We don't use sub-contractors, everything is in house." Michael is head of installation and is most likely the one going out to do the job. Vince and Joe are the product specialists that come out and give free, exact pricing, and  Nick is usually in the office answering phone or out doing our service calls." 


"This is our thing," notes Nicholas, as they are the area's sole GutterShutTM manufacturer and installer. GutterShutTM is the only non-intrusive, hard-top gutter cover on the market. The installation does not involve lifting or installing underneath the existing roof shingles or screwing into it at all.
"With our product," says Nick, "It's self contained inside the gutter so you are not disturbing the roof at all, you don't have to worry about that." Other products, he continues, will void the structure's roof warranty. "So if someone has a 30 year roof warranty and five years into it they have gutter covers installed and they have a problem with the roof, their roof warranty is voided."
GutterShutTM has a lifetime, fully transferable warranty and is designed to channel rain, even heavy downpours, through a unique, patented design. In Eastern PA and South Jersey, Gutter Gurus are the only contractor company that can provide GutterShutTMexclusively.

Windows, Doors, Siding and a Whole Lot More

Gutter Gurus will professionally install energy star rated and stimulus compliant windows and doors.
"We are giving people high-end residential windows at low-end cost. So, we're getting the best windows you can get and selling them for the same prices that other companies are selling the lowest for." We go directly to our local national manufacturer, accu-weld. The talented guys at Gutter Gurus are also experts at installing doors, siding and wood trim.

Capping Know-How

Aluminum or PVC capping protects your exposed wood. Most importantly it is used to cover fascia, gables, window trim, and crown molding. Capping covers the wood so that it doesn't rot. If you have exposed wood outside of your house, over time because of all types of weather, your wood will rot, possibly making the structure unsafe as well as causing mold and mildew. To prevent damage, even from  bugs and animals, cap the wood to make it maintenance free. And pick any color you want. Capping is forever.

And Think About Updating Your Soffit to Vinyl

If you walk up to the side of your house and you look straight up, facing down, underneath the gutter but a little closer to your house - that is soffit. It looks like siding, has ribs and generally has ventilation holes. But if you see wood there, be aware that it needs to be painted often to prevent dry rot and most also be well ventilated. Gutter Gurus recommends going over the wood with vinyl vented soffit. The vinyl lasts forever so you don't have to worry about replacing it again. It protects the soffit wood from rotting and also provides adequate ventilation for under your roof and inside your attic. Some people are also upgrading their aluminum soffit to vinyl for aesthetic reasons

Gutter Gurus Are Here For You

"Sometimes people will ask for things that they don't need but think that’s what they need to fix their specific problem. We go out and see what actually needs to be done to resolve the problem and eliminate unnecessary or wasteful spending. We help them through the process and I think most people appreciate us because of that."


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